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Man-stealer or Mother Figure?

The Stars Reveal the Fine Face of Maleficent



May 30, 2014

She’s an alpha babe with all the B’s. She’s Hollywood’s bad girl, bombshell and beauty of choice: Angelina Jolie. But how did she go from carrying a vial of her lover’s blood around her neck to bringing in a soccer team of kids? The red carpet vixen is now gearing up to play bad girl incarnate, the fearsome Maleficent in a film by the name. This movie was made for Jolie, the “only person who could play the part,” to quote its producer. It’s as unique as Disney fairy tale retellings go: For the first time, the tale stars the arch-villain and not the princess.

But is Angelina Jolie villainous? Is she a man-stealer or a mother figure? Astrology reveals just how maleficent Maleficent really is.

When you think of a Jolie movie, you think sex, you think danger, you think passion. In two words? Action hero. From Tomb Raider to Salt to Mr. & Mrs. Smith, she was born to be an action babe. Watch a fast, gun-firing rampage in Wanted. I call her a Mars babe: her energy planet Mars is in the most high-powered sign, Aries, together with her Moon, her heart. Jupiter is smack-lipped on her Midheaven, the career point. With all this fierce, violent energy at the top of Angelina Jolie’s chart, she’s made a career out of being a daredevil.

“I’m an adrenalin junkie,” she confesses, with a love for doing her own stunts. She’s hot, she’s attention-grabbing, she’s independent. “I don’t like being told what to do,” Jolie states in The Tourist, straight out of her Fire Moon. She prefers a man to “do exactly as he pleases” — because you bet that’s what the fiery babe believes in for herself!

A hell-bent drive is Jolie’s trademark. Even her early roles, such as Gia, or dramas like Original Sin mix passion and danger. The Aries Moon experimented with erotic knife-play as a teenager. It’s a gritty, masculine energy which testifies to her on and off screen bisexuality and relationships with women. Her Moon in the 10th House of Motivation reveals her to be a doer. To quote her coolly in Original Sin, “when something has to be done, you do it.

You know the drill: Your fave hero is always a loner, an outcast. They’ve got quirks you’ll never see. Angelina Jolie’s Sun is in the hidden 12th House of Privacy, testifying to her career as a film actress. It’s a role shared by all her film characters. Even with a public profile, such as “model,” “cop” or “agent,” her private character always shows up behind the scenes. The actress states that in actuality, she is “very homebound.” Maleficent is the fairy behind the curtain, a solo siren all the way: Jolie is about half Fire and half Air, both assertive energies. With a party of planets in the  independent-minded East of her starry blueprint, she’s all the more self-motivated to explore her potential.

And sometimes that potential is unconventional or dangerous, but Angelina Jolie’s fundamental feelings are often misunderstood. Her roles reflect the challenge. In Changeling, she’s wrongly thrust into a mental institution, which recalls her wilder role in Girl, Interrupted. Lover Venus squares it off with free-spirited Uranus, bringing Jolie’s personal 1st/4th House themes into play — it’s her projected image vs. her deep-seated emotions. As in Changeling, the Mars girl’s gut knows best.

“It’s that need to find a full voice,” expresses Jolie, “to push open the walls around you. You want to be free.”

The star’s “starz” reveals a woman who doesn’t like being revealed or pinned, but needs attention at the same time. It’s the eternal tug-of-war for a Moon in Aries who mostly expresses herself alone.

If Angelina Jolie loves her privacy, then how’d she become the biggest sex bomb of the movie generation? The face of Maleficent is a bewitching one. Angelina Jolie’s sex appeal — and her seduction — are no secret. One big, beautiful boon makes Jolie who she is — and you wouldn’t know it from her regular star sign stats: It’s the planet of beauty, Venus.

Venus Rising


This femme fatale planet was rising at the exact moment of her birth. Watch the measured, seductive angles of her gaze in any movie. A lover at heart, Venus plays the vixen. Jolie compels attraction, her movements hinting at justified narcissism. The Aries Moon’s weapon is the one she was born holding: Her beauty, through her Venus rising. This sexy miracle at birth attests to her role as seductress, while her Aries Moon makes her one deadly beauty.

In real-life, her co-star Johnny Depp’s long-time partner Vanessa Paradis was intimidated by Jolie, convinced the vixen would steer Depp away. Their relationship began to unravel after shooting The Tourist. Coincidence or a dose of Jolie cool? You decide. Astrology proves Jolie’s seduction comes naturally to her. As stated by an interviewer, it isn’t just the star’s looks, but her whole “aura.” Journalists confess she has an intimidating “regality.” Jolie is a mere step away from being a Leo rising, high profile but still managing to slip past the demands of the spotlight. Venus lures the public’s attention no matter how much she hangs low. As a fire Moon, Jolie has a born sensation of entitlement and nobility.

Angelina Jolie made a success out of the public persona. She’s hot, but a cool, “wild” chick: Her Part of Fortune, where she experiences worldly success, is connected to her 4th House Uranus (her unique home life) through a quirky “quincunx” and hooked up to her Venus rising, literally her attractive face. This means Jolie finds her fortunes based on her physical beauty and her ballsy domestic affairs (shocking onlookers by kissing her brother at the Oscars or a soccer team of kids anyone?) The public obviously loves her beauty but doesn’t get her life. That jittery quincunx is unsure but craves to know. Is it any wonder tabloids eat up the slightest Branjelina tidbit?

Both/Neither: Gemini Jolie

So how about the sexy vixen’s Sun sign? As you’re flippin’ through your contact list this Gemini New Moon, Angelina Jolie, a Gemini, is about to release a movie.Gemini Jolie

Gemini definitely features in her films, attesting to her dual roles: In Mr. & Mrs. Smith, she plays domestic partner/shooting machine. In Original Sin, devout housewife/con artist. Ever notice how smooth her moves and transitions are? The smooth part is her Sun’s opposition to sneaky Neptune, putting her in roles as a spy babe, a shapeshifter. She juggles sincerity and mischief like a pro, because it’s second nature. “I can’t decide if she was teasing or serious,” expresses an interviewer. “She has a way of saying things that can seem half like she’s f-cking with you and half like she means every word.”

It’s always a toss between good and evil for the Gemini star. Her Gemini/Aries Sun/Moon combo, in Salt, makes her a spy (Gemini) on the run (Aries!) If Jolie’s not a CIA agent, she plays the very Geminian face of accomplice to a crime. I can’t count the number of times she’s played the actress: Original Sin, The Tourist, Mr. & Mrs. Smith name just a few. As an Air/Fire mix, Jolie’s themes are ideas and action. Now she’s playing the quintessential Gemini role in Maleficent: a fairy — with an Aries edge!

The daredevil was born to be bad. Her Moon-Mars opposes the down-and-dirty planet Pluto, making her the archetypal “digger” in Tomb Raider. The face-off between these planets is between the 10th House of Ambition and the 4th House of Family: In Original Sin, Jolie plays a gold digger who steals the money and love of her husband.

In Original Sin, Jolie, in true Pluto fashion, risks all for her lover and their intimacy. In Gia, she was intensely attached to her female lover. Pluto is the planet of deep love and the death that comes with surrender. Early in her career, the actress played the Venus rising role of a supermodel who died young in Gia. In her youth, she wanted to be a funeral director. Pluto sends Jolie to death’s fun doorstep. She even once expressed she didn’t think she’d live very long.

Let’s dig down to the dirty details. Jolie, with all her independence, seems like a magnet for men who want to possess her. The Moon-Pluto face-off attracts obsessive lovers, and most importantly, husbands (the Moon stands for home). Angelina Jolie has to face obsession from both lover and husband in Original Sin. “Say you’re mine,” her intense lover demands, while the husband, played by Antonio Banderas, passionately declares “I cannot live without you.” In real life, she and ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton wore one another’s blood prints.

It’s gettin’ hot in here! The beauty has an intense BDSM relationship with the male factor. Masculinity is symbolized by planet Mars, and hers is firing off against Pluto in bloody Aries. Aggression and explosive anger from her male lover is a theme in her films. In Alexander, she’s the victim of abuse and rape from her husband. In Mr. & Mrs. Smith, her partner is trying to blow her into pieces. Her lover cuts into her back so she screams out in pain in Original SinIt’s just another case of filmography matching biography (or your starz): Jolie comes from a teenage past as a cutter; the expression of a Mars-Moon hookup opposite Pluto. For all her otherworldly beauty, male victimization follows the star. Her own father cheated on her mother and Jolie has relentlessly denied him in her life.

But Angelina Jolie is not the type of girl to stay away from a man. In The Tourist and Original Sin, she deliberately places herself into a man’s path or line of sight. In Wanted, Jolie fires (literally) into a guy’s life. In Alexander, she claims to have commanded the attention of no less than a god. In true life, the goddess crashed into the life of Billy Bob Thornton, who broke off his engagement (with someone else) to wed her, and Brad Pitt, who was married at the time. The Venus rising won’t deny her heart’s desire, and that big fire-punch makes her an initiator.

But the initiating force of Fire isn’t about selfishness. “You’re trying to find out who you are,” Jolie earnestly expresses in an interview, and according to her stars — that’s what she’s here for. With Jolie’s Venus-Uranus hookup between the 1st/4th Houses, she has to follow the path true to her heart.

From Seductress to Mother

So how does the star get from seductress to mother? In Changeling, she plays the concerned mother with convincing emotion. Angelina Jolie is a Cancer rising, sign of the mother, and as an extra boon, Venus, a symbol of fertility sits on that point. Jupiter, the significator of children touches her motherly planet, the Moon. It’s a triple-star whammy that testifies to the massive family she’s built — later in life. Blankly stated — kids and caretaking are her destiny. And it’s love that paves the way.Angelina jolie kids photo

Jolie finds her door of opportunity through Venus the Seductress to what’s represented by Cancer: motherhood. Love or hate her going for her desire (code expression for Brad Pitt), it was a destined move meant to usher in her period of motherhood. In Original Sin, the Gemini starts out an actor/manipulator to step into the Cancer role of domestic wife. For the astro-interested, you probably know the rising sign as the mask you wear, but it also stands for your highest attainment. Motherhood feels spiritual to Jolie. It’s the fertile (no pun) source and positive centering that began with her first adopted child Maddox back when she was dealing with her wildness and drama. “Nothing felt real and honest enough,” she expressed in earnest about her pre-Maddox life. “That’s why I put myself in danger.” Being a mother made her feel “deep, wonderful emotions.” All this spells no more stunts!

Jolie’s troubled teendom is a well-known part of her persona. Her Moon squaring it off with cold planet Saturn underscores childhood depression, a broken home and her estranged father in adulthood. The Moon-Pluto link foresaw her mother’s death in 2007, causing her to “reconcile” the square relationship with “Saturn” — her father. Jolie likely had difficulty earning her father’s acceptance: Saturn in the first house refers to her mode of being, and Jupiter/Mars flanking the Moon to her edgy and expansive nature. Another point for the actress’s cool regality, the presence of Saturn keeps you at arm’s length. She’s experienced insecurities and difficulty feeling love. But with Jupiter on the Moon, the focus is on humanitarian efforts and making her own family. With all her fire energy, this babe is completely hooked into her fertile creativity.

The Role of a Lifetime

imdb_angelina_-jolieDisney might be her home away from home after all — the icon of Jolie you haven’t seen because she had yet to live it in her biography. Real-life has prepped her for the role. Now Jolie is taking her bad girl into the world of good girls, her intense dramas with themes of possession and death, and her real-life role as an outsider at heart. And “heart” is the word. From baddie to “biggie,” Mars to Jupiter — both planets flank the star’s Moon, which stands for the heart.

Mars may be “amping” up Jolie’s feelings, but Jupiter is maxing up her feelings, meaning more drama and more feelings. This woman loves expanding her boundaries through her emotions. She loves to feel and express them. Speakin’ of the Moon as the mother, you saw a bull’s-eye example in her role as larger-than-life mother to Alexander the Great in the box office flop Alexander. Jolie was demanding and assertive, in true Aries fashion, pouring her heart out to her golden son. (Oh, and she happened to be the sexiest, most provocative “mom” with pet snakes we’ve seen in a big-budget period pic). Hollywood’s favorite baddie babe has a big heart.

As Maleficent hits theaters tomorrow, what do the stars say to expect? It’s a vanity project for a star whose “stars” signed her up for the role.

The trailer points to betrayal. Expect the abusive, victimizing man factor I pulled out of her roles and her life through the planet Pluto to play out. Chiron, symbolizing your wounds, crashes into Jolie’s Venus, so expect love to come with pain.

A damaged fairy sings to the star’s own “damaged goods.” She’s a Disney girl with a dark side, but don’t let that fool you — as with every Jolie role, Maleficent will be misunderstood, her true 12th House Sun-self locked away from sight. She may look like the prototypical evil Queen, but with Jolie in the works, Disney is bound to round out their famous villain. Expect soft edges to sharp features. The Gemini star refuses to fit into a good or evil mold, so watch out for something a bit juicier, or sweeter, with the sensitivity and sympathy of Jolie’s Cancer rising.

Look for two sides to the Gemini villain/fairy, confrontation of challenging facts, and the hands-on tackling seen in the Aries Moon’s other films to go down in an uproar. We’ll see the Moon-Pluto actress flirt with the forces of death once again. Watch Jolie’s Fire Moon show you that sometimes, being true to yourself is to be bad. Anticipate the unnaturally beautiful Venus babe’s killer blush and lipstick. Above all, expect the turn from past trauma to vixen to end with nurture, a sacrifice for the sake of others like the one made in her true-life story with her humanitarian causes and her kids.

Angelina Jolie is all you love to see on the big screen and then some. She acts it out with a bang because she was born with it, but she’s learning all the intimate details.

The action star has a mission to herself, yet her home is with those she loves, serving the family — the heart — she takes into her roles.


Dar Alexander is the founder of Daemon Entertainment and advocate for Emotional Freedom.


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    Have you watched maleficent ? Plutonian energy to its core. Maleficent and aurora synastry is tottally venus conjunct pluto . Aurora being venus of course . And Plutonian maleficent healing herself through love . I found a bit of cancerian and Virgo energy as well there but definitely pluto-Scorpio rules there.

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