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Adrianna Dream

Adrianna Dream

Adrianna Dream is a fiction writer and astrologer who uses her understanding of story and character to flesh out her deep connection with the language of symbol. Hailing from the beautiful Hawaiian islands, she has bathed in magic rays all her life, also living in Asia, Europe and on the Mainland. Her cultural experiences texturize her writing, adding layers of interpretation and perspective. She reaches for potency and richness as much as she loves fun, fantasy and fairy tale. Her specialty? Plucky princess tales penned on pearls for paper. Every word she pens is from the most powerful kingdom where everyone reigns as supreme ruler: the Kingdom of Heart.

Natal (Birth) ReadingSagittarius

If you thought your Sun sign was all that you are, think again: There’s a sign far superior to the one you know, that often seizes your spotlight.

I take an inspiring look at the planets at that super moment you call your birthday!

Come with me on this adventure only if you love to talk “you.” My ideas on your astrology are often intimate, original and importantly informed by living experience.I don’t believe in future or fortune-telling. You have the power. I highlight where you shine, but my unique gift is reading your “dark side”; the crusty old limits lurking inside so you’re not living in the dark backstage of your own life—so you can take control of your own destiny and be the star that you are.

Secret You Reading (Special)leo

What if I told you, there’s a secret you and a whole chart for it?

Once you know your basic star power, this very rare and intimate reading looks at a chart which reveals the “inner you”—who you truly are, deep down. You’ll be surprised by how different this person can be from your regular signs, or “outer you.” And how this “secret character” plays a role in everything you do!

Note: This reading can only be performed with a known birth time.

Relationship Reading (Synastry)josephinewallkiss

Connections are often deeper than we know and the complex individual astrological signatures of people show this complicated web.

I reveal how you and your lover or intended relate, your strengths and your weaknesses, where you clash and what the stars say about where your relationship truly shines. Potential for Love, Commitment, Sexual Chemistry all explored!


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OPTION #2:  Please include your Birth Day, Birth Time, and Birth Location (City, Country) in Paypal’s “Add Special Instructions to Seller” box, when reviewing payment. (If you’ve booked a synastry reading, include the same birth data for the other person, and please state the relationship [married/life partner, dating, friend, recently met, or sexual partner.])

Additionally, leave your name, email address, phone number, as well as time zone. Phone number is vital. Readings are conducted by phone or in person. You will be contacted via email to confirm our date. Love and light!

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