About Samuel F. Reynolds


I once hated astrology more than other “occult” studies. At 12 years old, when I was a fundamentalist Baptist minister, I used religion to avoid astrology’s lessons.

Later, at 23 years old, I realized I mostly disliked astrology because I didn’t know what it all meant.  I was born on the “cusp” of two signs and didn’t know which one I was.  So I went to an astrologer. His uncanny insights into my life went beyond the pale of guesswork. Convinced it was all a trick, I spent 10 years doing charts and studying astrology myself.

Now, I’m 50, and my deepest love and life centers around astrology. I consult, write and teach astrology full-time. I also serve on a few astrology organizational boards, and I’m an entrepreneur who helps others build their businesses as mind-body-spirit practitioners. I guess you have to watch what you hate.


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