A Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide Compilation…

Yesterday morning Facebook was down for a number of hours. And it was perhaps the most productive morning some people had in years. Perfect for Monday Morning Mercury Retrograde. This usually stirs panic into folks instead of morning joe, and indeed there were a few people who were caught by the surprise of it all on my twitter feed. (Might help if people had astro calendars, though.) But really there’s no need for the fear or panic.  As a friend of mine likes to opt out of Mercury Retrograde, more people can opt out of all the negativity associated with it. Mercury Retrogrades augur a “new moon” phase for Mercury. If you’re gonna cast shade on Mercury Retrograde, then you might as well give new moons the side-eye too. Stay flexible and aware, so you won’t have to beware. But here’s a little help, all in one place.  I’ve compiled some links to cope with this Mercury Retrograde along with this week’s horoscopes to add a little more detail.

Are Void Moons & Mercury Retrogrades That Bad? 

Breaking the Fear and Tyranny Of Mercury Retrograde

How Planets Started Retrograding